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The Moses Bag™

The take-everything-anywhere bag that let’s you be… well, you

Just because you sacrifice a lot for your babe, style and efficiency don’t have to be on that list! Get the bag, tote the tot, wipe up the spill...and look good doing it!

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These bags have been such a lifesaver with our twins! We take them everywhere, church, restaurants and friends and family’s houses!

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Mama, you’re cleared for take off

The Moses Bag™ is the take-anywhere bag that can sit next to you at lunch, tuck away so baby can rest, or lay next to your bed for easy access!


Playtime anywhere, anytime

Spacious yet snug, the Moses Bag™ gives baby a space to play no matter where you are. Soft, sturdy, breathable walls make it an ideal place for baby to lay, sit, and hang out safely.

Changing Pad

A heavy doodie changing station

Fully unzip the Moses Bag™, and the top flap magically unfolds into a padded, easy-to-clean changing pad anywhere, anytime. The outside pocket is large enough to hold all the diapers and wipes you’ll need.

Easy Clean

Baby blowout on the go? No problem.

Premium, stain-resistant materials make it easy to keep the Moses Bag™ looking brand new. Spilled milk, spit-up, and diaper leaks? No problem! Simply take a wet wipe or damp rag and wipe the interior clean.

Parent Pockets

No need for multiple bags, take your stuff

With two large exterior pockets and a water bottle holder, the Moses Bag™ was designed to hold everything from diapers and wipes to your keys, phone, and wallet! Grab the Moses Bag™ and hit the road with everything you need--no extra baggage.

Pockets for Baby Too

Plenty of room for baby’s things too

Three interior pockets make it easy to store everything baby might need! Always have a swaddle blanket, bottle, change of clothes, and baby’s favorite toys on hand.

Removable Infant Bumpers

Room for your tot to grow

The Moses Bag™ is designed to grow with your little one! That’s why we designed adjustable mesh stability bumpers to keep your baby snug and secure. They can be moved higher or lower based on your baby’s needs, or used as additional bumpers during playtime.

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