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Bomb Shelter™ Nursing Cover

Not Your Average Nursing Cover

This is not your average nursing cover. The Bomb Shelter™ allows you to nurse or pump comfortably with our peek-proof, full-coverage, totally unique and patented design.

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I have tried a handful of other nursing covers on the market over the years, and my frustration has been the same with each; as baby grows and gets wigglier, there's just not enough coverage to stay as discrete as I'd like. The Bomb Shelter™ completely solves that problem... and it's soft, comfy, and cute, too!!

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360° Coverage

No more surprise side-boob

All around peek-proof coverage. Ditch the stress of trying to manage your babe, position your pump, keep the girls in order AND wrangle a nursing cover that refuses to stay put. The Bomb Shelter™ lets you pump or nurse in peace, anywhere you go.

Hands Free

Look ma, no hands!

Freely slip your arms in and out without having to worry about who might see what! Use your phone, read a book, reapply mascara–do it all while you hold baby or pump away with privacy.

Peek Inside

For your eyes only

Super stretchy elastic neckline stays snug for privacy when you want while still allowing you to discreetly check in on your little during feeding.

Patented Design

All the features others nursing covers are missing

Mindfully designed with: 360° coverage that allows you complete range of motion. Sleeves that you can easily slip in and out of, allowing you to use your hands for what you need, when you need it. A neckline that stays in place while you peek inside

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