• The Moses Bag is typically suited for newborns up to 5 months old or babies up to 16 lbs., depending on the baby’s mobility and length. If you are unsure about whether or not the Moses Bag™ is appropriate for your baby, please Contact Us.
  • Always fully zip and snap the Moses Bag when carrying and keep a close eye on baby. Carry in one hand at your side with an extended arm, never in the crook of your arm or slung over your shoulder. 
  • The Moses Bag does not replace a carseat, and should never be used in a moving car.
  • We recommend that the Moses Bag™ be used only for naps. Long stretches or overnight sleeping should be avoided.
  • If there’s a baby inside the Moses Bag, it should never sit on an unrestricted elevated surface. That means that it's best to avoid shopping carts, beds, chairs, couches, countertops, etc.
  • Don't place anything in the Moses Bag™ that may cause it to become unsafe (e.g., soft blankets, small items, choking hazards, glass).