Read all instructions before using the soft carrier. No assembly required.

Keep instructions for future use.

Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps, zippers, and adjustments are locked and secure before carrying the Moses Bag™.

Check for ripped seams, torn straps or fabric and damaged fasteners before each use.

Ensure proper placement of child in product including leg placement.

Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Air dry. Do not wash in washing machine.


Premature infants, infants with respiratory problems, and infants under 4 months are at greatest risk of suffocation.

Never use a soft carrier when balance or mobility is impaired because of exercise, drowsiness, or medical conditions.

Never use a soft carrier while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning which involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals.

Never use a soft carrier while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.


Snaps, zippers, buttons, and any other materials, may cause possible choking hazard.

Do not use if these items are damaged.

Keep away from hot, cold, or wet areas. Do not place near a window, patio door, swinging doors, or any cord from blinds or curtains where infants can be  strangled.

Never place any product inside Moses Bag™ pockets where the manufacturer has advised that the product should be kept away from children to avoid accidental ingestion or injury.

PLACE INFANT ON BACK IN CARRIER - To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend placing babies on their backs.

Do not use in crib, cradle, bassinet or bed or other soft surfaces.

NEVER place pillows, blankets or soft toys in Moses Bag™, babies have suffocated on soft bedding and toys.

Direct Supervision is required when baby is in Moses Bag™. NEVER leave baby unattended.

When baby is inside bag, always ensure baby can see out from under the top cover, through the opening.

Keep bumpers attached to help secure baby while inside.

Do not use Moses Bag™ if damaged.

Do NOT carry your child in the Moses Bag™.